The Property

The Secure Dog Field remains the property of Lisa Britten trading as Secure Dog Walking Field Surrey and she retains the right of entry at any time onto the field with or without workmen for any reason whether you have made a prior booking.

Use is at your own risk – uneven ground, long grass

You agree that use of the field is at your own risk and agree not to hold Secure Dog Walking Field Surrey, its owners or staff responsible for any injury to you, your family/friends or your dog(s) arising from your use of the field. The field is a large outdoor space and contains areas of uneven ground which could be concealed under long grass or other vegetation, has overhanging branches from trees which may fall and a small watering hole at the back of the field. In addition, the field could contain other hazards consistent with the countryside.

You agree not to let anyone else onto the field during your booking other than any friends or family members you have brought with you to enjoy walking your dog(s).

By bringing anyone else to the field, or sending somebody in place of you, you agree that you take full
responsibility for their safety and for ensuring that they always abide by these terms and conditions whilst using the field. You must provide the name and mobile number of anyone other than yourself using the site prior to their arrival.

You and your dogs

Dogs must be kept on a lead until you are inside the Secure Dog Field and the gate has been secured.

You are of course welcome to walk your dog(s) with family/friends, however group bookings that involve multiple dogs from different households will need to be organised via email in advance. No more than 4 dogs should be on the field at the same time without prior authorisation.

You confirm that you carry third party insurance cover for any damage or injury caused by you or your dog(s) to the fencing or to persons (this is normally part of your pet insurance policy)

It is your responsibility to pick up all your dog’s waste using the bags provided and dispose of it in the poo bins. Do not use your own bags please.

It is your responsibility to keep your dog(s) under control at all time and you shall not permit any of your dogs to act in any way that may result in an offence being committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (as amended).

Accessing the Field

The Secure Dog Field can be accessed via the Field Gate at Fox Platt Farm. Please enter through the Field Gate and park on the area of hardstanding.

Dogs must not be let off the lead under any circumstances until you are in the Secure Dog Field and the gate is secured. The entrance gate and interior gate has a coded padlock. The code will be given to you at time of booking.

Please use the Pedestrian Gate to access the field and make sure this is secure by looping the chain around the gate and placing the padlock on the chain before letting your dog(s) off the lead. Do not lock the padlock whilst you are inside the fence.

If on arrival, there is already a car in the parking area indicating someone within the field do not enter. Instead call 07879401021 and wait for assistance outside the main gate.

Please ensure that you leave the field promptly at the end of your allotted time (even if you entered the field after the commencement of your allotted time) and that the gate is left locked. 15 minutes is allowed between bookings to enable you to have enough time to leave not only the Secure Field but also to remove your car from the Field prior to the next user’s arrival.


You are welcome to bring your children to the field, but they must always be supervised, and you are responsiblefor making sure that they do not injure themselves or break any of these terms and conditions. Please be aware that the field has not been made child safe, and that certain elements may pose an additional hazard to children (non-child proof dog poo bins and the waterhole for example). 

The fence

Although we have made every effort to secure the field and we will be inspecting and maintaining the fence regularly, holes or other damage to the fence may occur from time to time due to several reasons including digging by dogs or other animals, falling trees or branches, and general wear and tear. If you become aware of any issue with the state of the fence, please let us know immediately so that we can make other users aware and so that we can fix it as soon as possible. We cannot, however, take any responsibility for any dog escaping the field whether this is through a defect in the fence, and regardless of whether we have notified you in advance or not.


Bookings cannot be re-scheduled and are non-refundable. All bookings must be paid for in advance. Use of our field is only possible after acceptance of our terms of use before you use the Secure Field. Payment must be made at the time of booking your field visits via our online booking system or via bank transfer for regular or multiple field visits.


We may need to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. When we do this, we will let you know via email or Facebook. By making a booking you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions currently in force.

I agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Please reply via email accepting or tick the box on our website.

Many thanks and enjoy your visit